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Flatiron mandolin refret/setup © 2024 Guitar Angel

Hi Angela, Just wanted to say how pleased I am by the fabulous quality of your work. Both mandolins play beautifully.

Thank you, Ian
Ian W. Flatiron mandolin refret and seup, plus Northfield mandolin K&K pickup installation and setup

Gibson Hummingbird, saddle work, set up, paint damage repair, pickguard refit © 2024 Guitar Angel

Just wanted to let you know that the job you did on my hummingbird is just amazing. It's sounds terrific and feels so great to play.
The work to correct the paint damage is perfect and you can hardly tell the ding was ever there. Can't thank you enough Angela.

Jonny Trumble. Gibson Hummingbird paint damage repair, saddle work, set up, pickguard refit.

Fender strat body refinish sunburst nitro 'darkburst' © 2024 Guitar Angel

Hi Angela body has just arrived safe and sound, it's absolutely perfect, thanks for all your hard work. Would recommend you to anyone.Thanks

Alex B. Fender strat body strip and refinish in darkburst nitro April 2020

1963 Gretsch Tenessean Neck reset and restoration © 2024 Guitar Angel

Hi Angela Here is a somewhat belated line to thank you for the superb job you made of bringing back my dearly beloved old Gretsch from the dead. It's now good for another fifty years of happy playing (unlike me!)
Pete T. 1963 Gretsch Tenessean neck reset, fretboard 'true-up' and refret.

Gibson ES 335 1967 top refinish faded sunburst © 2024 Guitar Angel

To meet an artisan as skilled and passionate about her work as Angela is a pleasure to in this day and age. She took my, quite frankly hideously sanded down and modified Gibson 335, and restored it to its natural sunbursting beauty and made it look as good as the day it left the factory. To say I'm happy with the work is an understatement. If you have a problem with your guitar, look no further than Guitar Angel
Paul S. 1967 Gibson ES335 top refinish, faded sunburst nitro (March 2020)

Harmony parlour guitar restoration neck reset/block slip © 2024 Guitar Angel

Hi Angela

Thank you so much for all your work on the Harmony! I am super pleased!! Really blown away by what you've done and how lovely it is. Really feel like you have brought it back to life. Have been playing it since I got back and Hannah loves it as well.
Alex Elton-Wall. June 1st 2015, Old Harmony restoration.

Extensive 'back off' restoration of 1936 Gibson J35 © 2024 Guitar Angel

Hi Angela. I wanted to write you something that could be used on your website so here it is.

'The restoration work on my 1930's J-35 has been nothing short of miraculous. Having sent it to you for a diagnosis on a bellying top, you told me that you had discovered broken X-Braces, back  cracks, side-splits and a top that was in places no thicker than 0.5mm. Over the course of 3 months, numerous emails and step by step pictures, you have rebuilt a fragile and damaged guitar to it's former glory, retaining both it's originality (where possible) and most of all, it's sound. Your care and attention have been second to none and you have returned to me a guitar that is stronger than ever, fit for the ages and well on it's way to making it's 100th birthday. I cannot thank you enough for restoring this old box of wood and strings and for giving me back the chance of hearing it in its fullest glory. Thank you genuinely isn't enough'

Russ G. Rochester. 1936 Gibson J35 extensive 'back off' restoration

Framus restoration and neck reset © 2024 Guitar Angel

Thank you, got it, wonderful job, thank you so much. What a delight!
David G, Framus neck reset and restoration

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