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Lots of lovely vintage and high end guitars from far and wide pass through our workshops in need of varying degrees of surgery! Many customers find us via word of mouth recommendations and we are also pleased to be recommended by Luke Hobbs, head of the guitar dept - auctioneer and valuer at the UK's premier guitar auction house. Gardiner Houlgate.

Check out some of our services detailed below.

Gibson LG1, 1954 © 2024 Guitar Angel

Guitar restoration

As specialists in vintage restoration work we are well versed in both acoustic and electric guitar construction. Our traditional approach to repair techniques uses appropriate materials and tooling and we always advise the repair and servicing of existing parts where possible to retain originality and value.

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 © 2024 Guitar Angel

Guitar repairs

With over 3 decades of experience many efficient and effective techniques have been developed. We have the knowledge and expertise to repair instruments with extreme major structural damage, including ones that might look impossible or which are in several pieces needing extensive rebuild. In addition to major structural repair work we also repair and overhaul individual components as necessary, as well as sourcing and adding any missing parts.

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Other services © 2024 Guitar Angel

Tech services.....guitar set ups, maintenance, fretwork, guitar upgrades

We offer a full range of tech services to keep your guitar, bass, mandolin, ukulele, bouzouki etc in top playing order. All aspects of fret work....refrets, fret levelling and crowning, setups and servicing, new nuts and saddles, electical component upgrades, pickup swaps/installation and other hardware upgrades.

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Painted bodies in the drying room © 2024 Guitar Angel

Nitro paintwork / guitar refinishing

The success of all finish work is dependent on the quality of the preparation. Our dedicated paint department is fully equipped with professional prep and top notch spray equipment to ensure consistent results, with all processes performed traditionally. When a full refinish is requested, stripping existing finishes back to bare wood is essential and is done very carefully by hand to retain original contours.

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Flying Vee Bigsby installation © 2024 Guitar Angel

Guitar modifications

It has to be said that we spend many hours undoing old mods and alterations on what have become vintage and collectable instruments, to get them back to standard spec,  but a fair proportion of our work is on modern instruments so we offer a full range of professional services to get your guitars, basses and folk instruments modified the way you want them.

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Custom built guitars, bodies and kits

Alongside restoration, repair and refinish work we also custom build high quality guitars under our brand name "42nd street guitars", available direct or from UK stockists Vintage and Rare guitars Bath. We have a standard model range or we can build to your own specs. Alternatively we can supply nitro finished bodies and necks along with hardware kits as a basis for your partscaster guitar build or to upgrade an existing instrument.

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