Photo gallery: Electrics 2 (rest of the world)

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Tokai LS80 new bridge paint repairs set up © 2024 Guitar Angel
Fender Ritchie Sambora strat setup/service © 2024 Guitar Angel
60'sBurns Vibra artist full refurb, refinish, electrics service, setup © 2024 Guitar Angel
Gordon Smith Gemini new brass nut made, setup/service © 2024 Guitar Angel
60'sHofner glaaxie recommission, finish repairs pickup and electrics repairs © 2024 Guitar Angel
1983 Yamaha SG100 full strip nitro refinish and headstock inlays © 2024 Guitar Angel
Greco EG600 rewire  and electrics upgrade setup/service © 2024 Guitar Angel
60's Hofner Colorama © 2024 Guitar Angel
Burny Les Paul new fretboard inlay repair setup/service © 2024 Guitar Angel
60's Watkins Rapier full strip refinish refurb, fretwork, setupservice © 2024 Guitar Angel
Epiphone elite Byrdland new tuners, setup/service © 2024 Guitar Angel
Strandberg Boden locking nut alignment, setup/service © 2024 Guitar Angel
Greco EGF1000 super real recommission, setup, service © 2024 Guitar Angel
Futerama 2 deluxe, electrics repairs, setup/service © 2024 Guitar Angel
70's CMI melody maker, new truss rod fitted, fretwork, setup/service © 2024 Guitar Angel
1982 Squier JV strat refret © 2024 Guitar Angel
Epiphone Les Paul broken headstock repair © 2024 Guitar Angel
Palm bay superstrat, new neck made © 2024 Guitar Angel
Caparison setup/service © 2024 Guitar Angel
Fender Japan paisley Telecaster, setup, service © 2024 Guitar Angel
Tokai Firebird full strip and nitro refinish © 2024 Guitar Angel
Ibanez, refurbishment, paint repairs, fretwork, setup/service © 2024 Guitar Angel
Pearl Japan Les Paul, neck reset, full strip and refinish candy apple red © 2024 Guitar Angel
Greco LG70 new inlays made/fitted, upgraded electrics, setup © 2024 Guitar Angel
Fender Japan 69 reissue tele, fret level, setup/service © 2024 Guitar Angel
Peavey Wolfgang, new pickups and electrics upgrade, set up © 2024 Guitar Angel
Fender Mexico Jaguar, neck angle reset bridge work setup © 2024 Guitar Angel
Schecter, body paint repairs © 2024 Guitar Angel
Ibanez S770 extensive body break repairs and part refinish © 2024 Guitar Angel
BC Rich Mockingbird, full nitro makeover, strip/refinish © 2024 Guitar Angel
Fender Japan Jaguar, electrics repairs, setup © 2024 Guitar Angel
1982 Ibanez Blazer, refinish candy apple red nitro © 2024 Guitar Angel
Epiphone Vee, brass bigsby bracket made, new parts fitted © 2024 Guitar Angel
PRS SE, back stripped and tung oiled © 2024 Guitar Angel
Charvel san dimas, fretboard clean and re-oil, set up/service © 2024 Guitar Angel
Burns Nu-sonic, recommission, fretwork, service © 2024 Guitar Angel
Fender Jagstang, service © 2024 Guitar Angel
PRS SE zebrano. setup/service © 2024 Guitar Angel
ESP LTD Grynch baritone, James Hetfield. Setup/service © 2024 Guitar Angel
LTD DVR 8 ball, setup/service © 2024 Guitar Angel
Epiphone SG, Bigsby fit and set up © 2024 Guitar Angel
Epiphone double neck setup/service © 2024 Guitar Angel
Ibanez 7 String, fret level, setup © 2024 Guitar Angel
Fender  Japan 62 strat  Nitro refinish © 2024 Guitar Angel
Epiphone Les Paul junior, fanned fret conversion, binding added and refinish © 2024 Guitar Angel
Ibanez Lawsuit Les Paul (Ex EMF) headstock break repair © 2024 Guitar Angel
 © 2024 Guitar Angel
Tony Revell, rout for bridge housing and setup © 2024 Guitar Angel
Burny supergrade, service/setup © 2024 Guitar Angel
Hofner club, paint repair and Bigsby fit. © 2024 Guitar Angel
Epiphone Les Paul studio, all over gold nitro refinish © 2024 Guitar Angel
Squier Jagmaster, aged nitro refinish © 2024 Guitar Angel
Fender Mexico strat body refin old candy apple red 2 point trem conversion © 2024 Guitar Angel
Chapman ML1 pro set up © 2024 Guitar Angel
Early Tokai strat fingerboard reprofile and refret © 2024 Guitar Angel
Danelectro baritone setup © 2024 Guitar Angel