Case studies...

The examples below detail some of the processes of restoration, modification and repairs to a few guitars that we have been involved with.

From "basket case" projects, to necessary repairs and improvements, as well as cosmetic makeovers....

1976 Gibson Dove neck reset, bridge and bridgeplate repairs © 2022 Guitar Angel

1976 Gibson Dove neck reset, bridge and bridge-plate repairs

Time and string tension had taken its toll on this 1976 Dove. It was brought in with poor intonation and a very high action making it unplayable. The time had come for a neck reset and a few other repairs.

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Gibson Les Paul 1978 new carved top made aaaa flamed maple © 2022 Guitar Angel

1978 Gibson Les Paul, making a new carved top, full refurbishment and 'split burst' refinish

Over the years this guitar had been the subject of some diy modifications. At some point it had been converted to an 'axcess' heel reshape, some refinish work, followed by a top veneer cover up with an additional refinish. The original carved top contours had been lost during all the reshaping and numerous alterations. More recently the heel had been modified again back to standard with various wood and filler additions. The owner now wanted the guitar 'revisiting' and making as good as it could be with a new flamed maple top and full refurbishment.

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 © 2022 Guitar Angel

1964 Gretsch country gentleman rebind, neck reset and fretboard true up with refret

Gretsch rebinding is a common occurance in our workshop. Many 60's model suffer with the dreaded binding rot! This 1964 country gentleman was in need of a full body and neck rebind and also needed a neck reset due to the shallow neck to body angle.

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Gibson EB2 bass extensive repairs and refinish © 2022 Guitar Angel

1965 Gibson EB2 bass extensive repair and restoration

This lovely EB2 had lost most of its original electrics and its finish had been sanded off, resulting in damaged veneer and bindings. The headstock had been refaced with plywood and it had a fingerboard with non central dot markers, added on top of the original. Time to undo all the nasties and get it back into tip top order.

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 © 2022 Guitar Angel

Epiphone EB3 bass extensive neck break/repair

This EB3 bass arrived with the headstock completely off, the fingerboard broken and partly missing, along with a missing nut and some inlays. The truss rod was still in perfect condition.

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Fender Stratocaster 1976 restoration © 2022 Guitar Angel

1976 Fender Stratocaster Restoration

This 1976 strat had many years of tobacco staining and discolouration all over the body and headstock. The pickguard was also damaged.

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